Washington COLLOM (RIN: 2117) was born abt. 1815 in PA. Alvira DENNIS (RIN: 2116), daughter of John DENNIS and Melinda HATCH , was born abt. 1818 in Wayne Co., NY.

Children of Washington COLLOM and Alvira DENNIS are:
1. Marvin COLLOM (RIN: 2118), b. abt. 1840
2. George COLLOM (RIN: 2119), b. abt. 1842
3. Benjamin COLLOM (RIN: 2120), b. abt. 1848
4. Martha M. (Malinda ) COLLOM (RIN: 2121), b. abt. 1852
5. Melissa COLLOM (RIN: 2122), b. abt. 1853
6. Laura COLLOM (RIN: 2123), b. abt. 1855
7. Simeon COLLOM (RIN: 2124), b. August 1858
8. Allen B COLLOM (RIN: 2125), b. abt. 1860

Notes for Washington COLLOM:

Notes for Alvira DENNIS:

!Birth: G. Moser

!Marriage; G. Moser

Notes for Marvin COLLOM:

!Birth: G. Moser

Notes for George COLLOM:

Notes for Benjamin COLLOM:

!Birth: G. Moser

Notes for Martha M. (Malinda ) COLLOM:

Notes for Melissa COLLOM:

!Birth: G. Moser

Notes for Laura COLLOM:

Notes for Simeon COLLOM:

!Birth: G. Moser

!Marriage: Emma N. abt 1894 in MI. She was b. Sep 1871 in MI - G. Moser

Notes for Allen B COLLOM:

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