Hartley COLBY (RIN: 2127) was born abt. 1793 in Embden, Somerset Col, ME. He died 22 January 1864 in Moscow Twp., Somerset Co., ME. Sarah DENNIS (RIN: 2126), daughter of Arthur II DENNIS and Lucy BURNHAM , was born 1796 in ME or MA. She died 23 March 1875 in Moscow Twp., Somerset Co., ME.

Children of Hartley COLBY and Sarah DENNIS are:
1. Fanny COLBY (RIN: 2128), b. 17 April 1817
2. Calvin D. COLBY (RIN: 2129), b. 16 February 1820
3. Joel COLBY (RIN: 2130), b. 01 November 1822
4. William COLBY (RIN: 2131), b. abt. 1824
5. Warren COLBY (RIN: 2132), b. 19 March 1826
6. Charlotte COLBY (RIN: 2133), b. 02 September 1828 See ? & Charlotte COLBY OR James Alvin LEIGHTON & Charlotte COLBY
7. Dennis COLBY (RIN: 2134), b. 20 April 1830
8. Adaline COLBY (RIN: 2135), b. 23 September 1832

Notes for Hartley COLBY:

!Birth: G Moser

!Marriage: ditto

!Death: ditto

Son of Benjamin Colby III and Rebecca Thompson - ditto

Notes for Sarah DENNIS:

!Birth: G. Moser

!Marriage: ditto

!Death: ditto

Notes for Fanny COLBY:

!Bierth: G. Moser

!Marriage: m. Franklin B. Stevens Abt 1837 - G. Moer

Notes for Calvin D. COLBY:

Notes for Joel COLBY:

Notes for William COLBY:

!Birth: G. Mosser

!Death: G. Moser

Notes for Warren COLBY:

Notes for Dennis COLBY:

!Birth: G. Moser

!Death: G. Moer

Notes for Adaline COLBY:

!Birth: G. Moserr

!Marriage: m. George Littlefield in 1852 in MI. He was b. abt. 1830 - G. Moser

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