John KILBOURNE (RIN: 2159) was born abt. 1803. Rebecca DENNIS (RIN: 2158), daughter of Arthur II DENNIS and Lucy BURNHAM , was born abt. 1808.

Children of John KILBOURNE and Rebecca DENNIS are:
1. Curtis W. KILBOURNE (RIN: 2160), b. abt. 1827
2. Caleb A. KILBOURNE (RIN: 2161), b. abt. 1829
3. William H. KILBOURNE (RIN: 2162), b. abt. 1840

Notes for John KILBOURNE:

!Birth: G. Moser

Notes for Rebecca DENNIS:

!Birth: G/ Moser

Notes for Curtis W. KILBOURNE:

!Birth: G. Moser

Notes for Caleb A. KILBOURNE:

!Birth: G. Moser

Notes for William H. KILBOURNE:

! Birth: G. Moser

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