Samuel Chamberlain DENNIS (RIN: 1435), son of Samuel DENNIS and Cynthia BARRETT , was born 16 March 1812 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. He married Emeline M. MEAD 05 February 1836 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. He died 13 July 1880 in Providence, Providence Co., RI. Emeline M. MEAD (RIN: 2247) was born 16 January 1812 in Chesterfield, Cheshire Co., NH. She died 05 April 1896 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY.

Children of Samuel Chamberlain DENNIS and Emeline M. MEAD are:
1. William Brown DENNIS (RIN: 2248), b. 26 April 1837 See William Brown DENNIS & Sarah Arnold RHODES
2. Frances Caroline DENNIS (RIN: 2249), b. 16 December 1838 See Charles John HOLT & Frances Caroline DENNIS

Notes for Samuel Chamberlain DENNIS:

!Birth: Helen Ullman ( WorldConnect 1/21/11

!Marriage: ditto

!Death: ditto

!Burial: Ullmann

Notes for Emeline M. MEAD:

!Birth: Helen Ullmann ( WorldConnect 1/21/11

!Marrige: Ullmann

!Death: Ullmann

!Burial: Ullmann

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