Last Update: May 25, 2005

Hello Family members,

I want to welcome you to OUR site. This site is for all of us to share in the fact that we all are related to Thomas Dennis from Ipswich Mass (1638-1706).

It is my goal NOT to take credit for anyone's hard works in research. It is my goal to learn more and help others to learn more about our history. Each person that wishes to share will be given his/her very own directory and credit here.

It is possible that there will be duplications of efforts. This is expected because we all can look and see special things in our own branches of the Great Oak Tree of our family.

Please send any information to me at and please remember to give me a clue of who you are in the Subject line of the email. If I do not answer you within a week, please resend it. Cyber space may have ate the first email. I do answer all email. It would be very helpful if you can provide the HTML (homepage) outputs so that I can speed up the updating and creation of your directory.

In order to help other family members to read the files that you make I will need to know the name of the programs that you are using. It is my hope that we find a common standard that will make the trading and sharing of information fun and easy.

Digitally (scanned) information will be easiest to handle for me. If you have so much information that you rather send a floppy disk or CD, this is fine. Please make sure that it is IBM or Windows 98 readable.

I am aware that some of you family members are not comfortable with computers. Snail mail or United States Postal Letters can be handled. This slows the process down greatly. PLEASE do NOT send original material. Please make a copy of the original material.

I will be happy to provide a mailing address for transfer of information upon request.

Genealogy has gotten into our blood and it is a real joy to find out nuggets of gold (facts) about our family.

I very much hope that you have letters and stories to share. Please email them to me and I will work to make your directory here something you can be proud to tell more of our family about.

Larry Dennis, Webmaster

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