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Last Update: November 15, 2017

We plan to post information submitted by members of the "extended" Dennis family so that it will be available to all. We will assume that submission of such information indicates your approval for posting on the web. When sending information, please advise us if you wish to have personal information about you (name, postal and e-mail addresses, phone number, family line, etc.) displayed as the source.


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Family Line from Thomas Dennis


Larry Dennis

Email Larry Dennis

Dennis Family Online

Post Office Box 821328

Vancouver, Washington 98682

Phone Number Upon Request

My Family Tree from Thomas Dennis

You are welcome to send me information via the Postal Address. Make sure that all diskettes, and CDs are IBM readable. PLEASE make sure if you send computer disks the envolope is stamped to handle with care so that it is not damaged.

My History Directory

Frank G. Dennis, Jr.

Email Frank G. Dennis, Jr.

1600 Ridgewood Dr.

E. Lansing, MI 48823



Thomas - John - John - Moses4 - Moses Jr.5 - Franklin6 - Willis7 - Frank8 - Frank Jr.9

My History Directory

Glenda Frank Moser

Email Glenda Frank Moser

Norwalk, CT

Upon request

Arthur 4 - Arthur 5 - John 6 - Hiram 7 - Thomas Elmer 8 - Bartie DENNIS LINGO 9

My History Directory

Carol Frank

Email Carol Frank

Fullerton, CA

Upon request

Arthur 4 - Arthur 5 - John 6 - Hiram 7 - Thomas Elmer 8 - Bartie DENNIS LINGO 9

Upon request

John Alfred Dennis III

Email John A. Dennis III

4409 Marella Way

Bakersfield, CA 93309-1735



From Robert Dennis of Portsmouth,RI

None at this time. (Note: I have helped others as I have a collection of 15 Dennis genealogy books)

Carol Dennis

Email Carol Dennis

Chicago, Illinois 60643

Upon Requests

from Samuel Dennis

Upon Requests

Denali Porter

Email Denali Porter

Portland OR 97212

Upon Requests

Joseph Dix Dennis

My History Directory

Linda Carol Quackenbush

Email Linda Carol Quackenbush

Alexandria, VA

(full address upon request)

Upon Requests

Frances Gordon Dennis (she married Ziba Lane)

Nothing at this time

Nick and Susan Witzell

Email Nick and Susan Witzell

Falmouth, MA 02540



Thomas1, Thomas2, Thomas3, Samuel, Adonijah1, Adonijah2, Julius, Dahliaette

Family Website

Marian Verda Howard Beardsley

Email Marian Beardsley

Upon request

Upon request

Family Line from Thomas Dennis: John - Rev. John - Moses Dennis - John - John Adams Dennis - Flora Dennis Layman and Hooker Layman

Requests: none

Cherie G. Bushwar

Email Cherie G. Bushwar

Upon Request

Upon Request

Family Line from Thomas Dennis: Thomas1 - John2 - John3 - Moses4 - Moses Jr.5 - Franklin6 - Andrew7 - Clarabell (Mulhollen)8.

Requests: none

Deena Cavanaugh

Deena Cavanaugh

Upon Request

Upon Request

Family Line from Thomas Dennis: John Dennis - Rev. John Dennis - Moses Dennis - John Dennis - Charles Norton Dennis - Charles Edward Dennis - Frederick Warren Dennis - (Mother name) - Deena May Cavanaugh

My History Directory

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