Nathaniel DAY (RIN: 54) was born 05 December 1700 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. He married Elizabeth DENNIS 07 June 1728. He died 01 February 1740. Elizabeth DENNIS (RIN: 60), daughter of John DENNIS and Lydia WHITE , was born 25 August 1704. She died 28 March 1772.

Children of Nathaniel DAY and Elizabeth DENNIS are:
1. Elizabeth DAY (RIN: 1487), b. February 1729 See Isaac DODGE & Elizabeth DAY

Notes for Nathaniel DAY:

Source: L.W.Drake.

!Birth:Ipswich Library Notes. Son John Day and Sarah Wells; LDS Anc. file = 1MLS-9NQ

!Marriage:ditto, and Johnson and Ladd (1935), p. 64 -- "Momento Mori"

!Death:Johnson and Ladd (1935), p. 64

!Burial:ditto - Old North Churchyard, E-23

Notes for Elizabeth DENNIS:

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