Isaac DODGE (RIN: 1488) was born 26 February 1732 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. He married Elizabeth DAY 08 November 1755 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. Elizabeth DAY (RIN: 1487), daughter of Nathaniel DAY and Elizabeth DENNIS , was born February 1729 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA.

Children of Isaac DODGE and Elizabeth DAY are:
1. Isaac DODGE (RIN: 1463), b. 1756
2. Nathaniel DODGE (RIN: 1625), b. 21 August 1757
3. Elizabeth DODGE (RIN: 1626), b. 23 July 1759
4. Rebecca DODGE (RIN: 1627), b. 26 April 1761
5. Priscilla DODGE (RIN: 1628), b. 17 February 1763
6. Sarah DODGE (RIN: 1629), b. 15 June 1766
7. Mary DODGE (RIN: 1630), b. 05 January 1772

Marriage Notes for Isaac DODGE\Elizabeth DAY:

!LDS Ancestral File

Notes for Isaac DODGE:

!Birth:LDS Ancestral File 1MLX-1TD


Notes for Elizabeth DAY:

!Birth: LDS Ancestral File 7/97 1MLX-27T


Notes for Isaac DODGE:

!Birth: LDS Anc. File (AFN:1MLX-ON6)

!Marriage: Elizabeth (AFN:1MLW-TVL) in Ipswich.

Notes for Nathaniel DODGE:

!Birth: AFN:1MLX-OPD

!Death: ditto

Notes for Elizabeth DODGE:

!Birth: AFN:1MLX-OQL

Notes for Rebecca DODGE:

!Birth: AFN:1MLX-ORS

Notes for Priscilla DODGE:

!Birth: LDS -- AFN:1MLX-O81

Notes for Sarah DODGE:

!Birth: LDS -- AFN:1MLX-OT7

Notes for Mary DODGE:

!Birth: LDS -- AFN:1MLX-0VF

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