Kenneth Gardner DENNIS (RIN: 231), son of Ross Woodbury DENNIS and Fannie Louise STEPHENS , was born 25 January 1908 in Jasper, Steuben Co., NY. He died 1986. Elsie HALLSWORTH (RIN: 235) was born 03 January 1908 in , England.

Children of Kenneth Gardner DENNIS and Elsie HALLSWORTH are:
1. William Hallsworth DENNIS (RIN: 236), b. 13 February 1933 See William Hallsworth DENNIS & Mildred BURTON OR William Hallsworth DENNIS & Sandra PEET

Notes for Kenneth Gardner DENNIS:

!LWD, p. 88-89; gives birthdate 1907..

!Birth:Neva F. Dennis (1973) says b. 1908

!Death and burial: Jasper Cem - Internet

Notes for Elsie HALLSWORTH:

!dau. Mrs. Harriett Lusink. Surname may be Holzwarth (Marlene Crozier Carpenter file).

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