William Hallsworth DENNIS (RIN: 236), son of Kenneth Gardner DENNIS and Elsie HALLSWORTH , was born 13 February 1933. Mildred BURTON (RIN: 1014). She died 09 April 1961.

Children of William Hallsworth DENNIS and Mildred BURTON are:
1. Patricia DENNIS (RIN: 1013), b. 16 May 1957 See Curtis SCHWEBKE & Patricia DENNIS

Other Marriages/Unions for William Hallsworth DENNIS:
See William Hallsworth DENNIS & Sandra PEET

Notes for William Hallsworth DENNIS:

LWD, p. 90; exact date of birth unsure.

Notes for Mildred BURTON:

!Death: Neva F. Dennis, 1973

!Burial: Kenneth C. Dennis, 2001

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