Joseph DENNIS (RIN: 708), son of Thomas DENNIS and Martha KINSMAN , . He married Hannah ROGERS 1769. He died September 1786. Hannah ROGERS (RIN: 720) was born 04 October 1736 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. She died 11 March 1794 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA.

Children of Joseph DENNIS and Hannah ROGERS are:
1. Joseph DENNIS (RIN: 721), b. 23 June 1768 See Joseph DENNIS & Susannah FELLOWS
2. Hannah DENNIS (RIN: 722), b. 02 December 1771
3. Martha DENNIS (RIN: 723)
4. Thomas DENNIS (RIN: 1123), b. 26 January 1770
5. Samuel Rogers DENNIS (RIN: 1124)

Notes for Joseph DENNIS:

!Baptism:From Leora Drake and Mary Dennis Pugh of Canisteo, NY

!Married:Hannah Rogers (widow)


Resided:Eustis, ME

!Death:A. Ulm

Notes for Hannah ROGERS:

!Birth: Leora Drake (?). NEGHR 5:330; 7:132 - dau. Samuel Rogers, gdau. Rev. John Rogers.

!Married: Joseph Dennis- Notes of Leora Drake. Intentions:26 Jun 1767 (Ipswich VR).

!Death:consumption (Ipswich VR)

Notes for Hannah DENNIS:

Notes for Martha DENNIS:

Notes for Thomas DENNIS:

!1800 Census - no twp listed, Essex Co., roll 14, p. 498 ??

!Birth:Ipswich VR

Notes for Samuel Rogers DENNIS:

!Baptism:Ipswich VR

!Death:Ipswich Library Records

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