Joseph DENNIS (RIN: 721), son of Joseph DENNIS and Hannah ROGERS , was born 23 June 1768 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. He married Susannah FELLOWS 14 September 1809 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. He died 24 February 1843. Susannah FELLOWS (RIN: 1125). She died 13 August 1862.

Children of Joseph DENNIS and Susannah FELLOWS are:
1. Joseph Rogers DENNIS (RIN: 1126), b. 12 August 1810
2. Susan Appleton DENNIS (RIN: 1127), b. 24 June 1812 See Ebenezer PULSIFER & Susan Appleton DENNIS
3. George Crowningshield DENNIS (RIN: 1128), b. 07 February 1814

Notes for Joseph DENNIS:

!Birth:Ipswich VR

!Marriage: Young and Young (1993), p. 198 (newspaper notice)

!Death:Ipswich Library Records, probably d. Ipswich.

Notes for Susannah FELLOWS:

!Marriage:Ipswich VR; Young and Young (1993), p. 198 - newspaper
notice; Waters (1909), p. 80

!Baptism:Ipswich Library Records. Parents:Ephraim Fellows and Eunice
Appleton (dau. Lt. Nathaniel and Susanna Appleton -- Waters)


Notes for Joseph Rogers DENNIS:

!Birth:Ipswich VR

Notes for George Crowningshield DENNIS:

!Birth:Ipswich Library Records

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