Ebenezer PULSIFER (RIN: 1129) was born 17 January 1805 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. He married Susan Appleton DENNIS 12 December 1843. Susan Appleton DENNIS (RIN: 1127), daughter of Joseph DENNIS and Susannah FELLOWS , was born 24 June 1812 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA.

Children of Ebenezer PULSIFER and Susan Appleton DENNIS are:
1. Joseph Rogers PULSIFER (RIN: 1692), b. 25 March 1845
2. PULSIFER (RIN: 1693), b. 05 July 1846

Notes for Ebenezer PULSIFER:

Notes for Susan Appleton DENNIS:

!Birth:Ipswich VR

!Marriage:Ipswich VR

Notes for Joseph Rogers PULSIFER:

!Birth: Ipswich VR, p. 309.

Notes for PULSIFER:

!Birth: Ipswich VR p. 309.

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