James Y. DENNIS (RIN: 1450), son of Royal DENNIS and Susan (Sukey, Sankey) WATSON , was born abt. 01 May 1817 in Fair Haven, Rutland Co., VT. He married Harriet CHAMBERLAIN abt. 19 December 1840 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA. He died 16 March 1887 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Harriet CHAMBERLAIN (RIN: 2225) was born abt. 01 August 1820 in New Ipswich, Hillsboro Co., NH. She died 02 January 1890 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

Children of James Y. DENNIS and Harriet CHAMBERLAIN are:
1. Marion H. DENNIS (RIN: 2243), b. 09 March 1842 See Lewis C. TOWER & Marion H. DENNIS
2. Helen R. DENNIS (RIN: 2244), b. abt. 1844
3. James W. DENNIS (RIN: 2245), b. abt. 1846
4. Harriett C. DENNIS (RIN: 2246), b. abt. 1853

Notes for James Y. DENNIS:

!Birth: Helen Ullman (hsullman@comcast.net) WorldConnect 1/21/11

!Marriage: ditto

!Death: ditto

!resided in Rochester, NY (Cutter, 1908, p. 1914)

Notes for Harriet CHAMBERLAIN:

Notes for Helen R. DENNIS:

!Birth: Halen Ullman (hsullmann@comcast.net) World Connect 1/21/11

!Deah: Ullmann

Notes for James W. DENNIS:

!Birth: Helen Ullmann (hsullmann@comcast.net) WorldConnect 1/21/11

!Death: Ullmann

Notes for Harriett C. DENNIS:

!Birth: Helen Ullmann (hsullmann@comcast.net) WorldConnect 1/21/11

!Death: Ullmann

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