Lewis C. TOWER (RIN: 2294) was born 24 August 1839 in Hadley, Hadley Co., MA. He married Marion H. DENNIS abt. 1866 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. He died 14 January 1906 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. Marion H. DENNIS (RIN: 2243), daughter of James Y. DENNIS and Harriet CHAMBERLAIN , was born 09 March 1842 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. She died 05 November 1896 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

Children of Lewis C. TOWER and Marion H. DENNIS are:
1. Clifford Hamilton TOWER (RIN: 2295), b. 17 April 1867
2. Lucy Dennis TOWER (RIN: 2296), b. 08 June 1868
3. Frank Clark TOWER (RIN: 2297), b. 07 March 1870
4. Frederick Everett TOWER (RIN: 2298), b. 07 March 1870

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